Karitane Charters offers five different fishing charter and tour packages to choose from.
Please note that we can customise any package to suit your needs.


Package 1: Inshore Fishing

Package 2: Offshore Fishing

Package 3: Seabirds Tour

Package 4: Customised Charter Packages

Karitane Charters Fishing Boat

Inshore Fishing

What a catch - Karitane Charters - fishing charter

What a catch - Karitane Charters - fishing catches

This tour is not just about fishing, it’s a whole boating and wildlife experience, enjoying what the Karitane area has to offer.

Our inshore fishing charter will enable you to fish along the Northern coast from Karitane to Shag Point, where the main catch is blue cod, trumpeter and perch (as well as some surprise catches!). Most of the catch is for the table, but often game fish can be encountered inshore over the summer months.

Sea birds are our constant companions and are always looking for a free meal during fishing trips. Their presence offers great photo opportunities along with dolphins, seals, penguins and other sea life that can also be seen inshore when conditions suit.

Max 6 persons

Full Day: $700

Rod hire included
Note prices quoted are for the whole boat.

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Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing Charter

Big catches on the Karitane Charters Offshore Fishing Charter

If you are into fishing and getting offshore, this is for you!

We fish the outside reefs of Shag Point for cod, trumpeter, groper and shark, along with a whole bunch of reef fish. We also fish the edge of the continental shelf from Karitane, where the depth of water is around 160 to 300 meters, so this is a place were you just don’t know what you might catch. Cod, perch, groper and large deep-water trumpeter are just some of the fish that live in these canyons along with some very large sharks! Sharks taken from this place have set world records which are still current today.

We also base our boat a week at a time out of Taieri Mouth, (when the Otago weather is settled) where we fish groper, cod & trumpeter. PLEASE NOTE: These tours need to be pre-booked and are a bit more weather dependent.

Offshore is not only a good place to fish, but it's the home of the Royal Albatross and so many different birds and marine life, making going offshore more than just a fishing adventure.

Max 5 persons

Full Day: $800

Rod hire included
Note price quoted is for the whole boat.

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Seabirds Tour

Seabirds tour

Seabirds - Albatross

The waters around Karitane are rich in seabird life, this is a great way to see these birds up close and in their own environment. With an estuary full of all types of birds and the waters offshore rich with Albatross and Mollymawks, along with many other species, flying high on the sea breezes.

Other marine animals are spotted on this tour as well, which makes this trip an unbelievable photo opportunity. The best time to see the birds is when it is windy, as they look their best flying high and fast on the winds.

The tour is around two hours long and there is an opportunity to swim with dolphins if you arrange with us prior at no extra cost.

Max 6 persons, Minimum of 3 persons

Per person: $90

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Customised Charter Packages

Contact us to put together a customised package for you or your group.

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